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How to have a rant. Guestrant #9

Mal auf Englisch, nobody’sreadingme hatte mich eingeladen, nachdem ich mich beim letzten Guest-Rant „beschwert“ hatte, der sei viel zu nett. An all die netten Eltern da draußen – das ist kein Aufreger über Eltern generell – nur über manche schlechte Gewohnheiten mancher Eltern. Komischerweise scheinen die sich in Hannover alle zu sammeln.


A splendid Teutonic rant from my friend Fran. If you don’t say ‘Yup, that’s the truth,’ you’ve been living in a cave for several years.


Spring comes again, and there they are, out to get us.
They come either in triple cohorts, along the pavement, no space for anybody else, so if you do not walk in their direction, you can only jump under the bus. Or the lorry, whatever drives by.

If you do not walk into their direction, it gets worse. They become a pack of wolves, out to get you, shoving their tank-like wheeled protrusion right into your heels – and you are ALWAYS slower than them. „Out of our way“ they seem to scream, „we have single-handedly saved the world by pushing these geniuses out of our formerly hot and yummy bodies. You owe us for the sacrifice! Down with you, slave!“

Unlucky you, when…

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