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Shop around the world – Desserts

Mm – I am an expert of desserts. We had one going fabulously wrong last time we cooked here, a wine-egg-cream … That is what counts as expert these days, non?

My sister came up with this little gem, mixed and quick, nothing for a formal dinner, but good enough for an average dessert:

serves 2 or 3

250 g quark/curd/junket (whatever you call it, we use the 20 % variety, there is a more fat-containing variety) – about 0,60 €

one tin/can of mandarine slices with sugary water – 0,85 €

one cup of vanilla cream pudding – 200 g – 0,89 €

That is all folks, you open the tin/can, you throw it all together in one big bowl, you stir till it a homogenous mass (not mess …)

And it costs 2,34 € – 2,83 $

The unsweetened quark takes some of the sweetness from the ready made vanilla cream pudding and the sugar water from the mandarine, so it is sweet, but less sweet than the mandarines or the pudding alone. And the mandarine have a nice slightly sour zing. So it is fruity and sweet and creamy – what is not to like?

You do not have to cook, you do not have to cut anything – ideal for Phenny’s „mom“* who is slightly under-skilled in the kitchen department. And I am no Bocuse myself as you can see from my confession at the start of this post.

*You know who you are …

Pumpkin – shop later round the world.

I missed my usual contribution for Shop around the world

but I will not let this lovely theme pass me by – PUMPKIN it is – after all today is Halloween in less civilised countries … *

I promised a whole three course menu – but I will pass on the pumpkin soup. I love pumpkin soup, but I have made it so many times and so many contributors have given it a try at shop around the world that for today I will concentrate on two main courses – one for the meat-eaters, and as this time it was hosted by Phenny’s vegetarian human a veggie curry.

Let’s start with the curry for two:

I did not shop for this, I had the pumpkin from a friend and the rest in my pantry.

You need:

a can of kidney beans, let the fluid drain away


an onion – chopped into cubes (you can also use rings if you like – the form doesn’t matter)

curry paste (I chose some that is called Massaman paste, it was already open in my fridge, choose one that aligns with your taste – if you like it hot – have a go at the green one, which is hotter than the red one), one tablespoon

about 350 g of pumpkin cubes (I choose red kuri squash as that does not afford peeling!)

250 ml of vegetable broth (if you want it posh, take some ready made, I take soup powder and add 250 ml of water)

about 100 ml of coconut cream

salt and pepper

Heat oil in (high) pan, fry onions till glossy, then add curry paste, add broth and pumpkin cubes, stir well, let it cook with a lid for about 10 minutes. (Time for the rice to start going)

Then add kidney beans and coconut cream and give it another 5 minutes to cook.

Spice to taste with pepper and salt (I passed on the salt, as soup powder is already salty).

Pumpkin from friends who are happy to be rid of their harvest: nil Euro (but a similar one costs about 1,99 – and has twice the amount you need)

Kidney beans, small can – 0,5 Euro – or so – I had one

one onion – negligible

curry paste – 2,27 per 100 g – and you need about a fifth of that for two persons

water, salt and pepper – negligible

all in all about 2 Euro for two servings – that is about 2,32 Dollar.


And now for the meat lovers a simple minced meat recipe:

Pumpkin-potato-pan with minced meat and feta

About the same amount of pumpkin as above, sliced in cubes again

an onion, again, in cubes

250 g of minced meat, mixed pork and beef (organic, 2,99 Euro)

100 g of feta

about 3 potatoes, peeled and in small cubes

250 ml vegetable broth or beef broth

125 ml white wine

marjoram, pepper, salt

Fry the minced meat till it is browned and the same consistence as you have for a chili con carne or bolognese sauce. Then put it aside.

Fry the onion till glossy, add pumpkin and potato cubes, cook shortly and then add broth and wine. Cook for about 20 minutes without a lid, on middle to small heat, till pumpkin and potatoes are tender.

Fluid should be nearly gone by then. Spice to taste. Mix minced meat under this and add feta, in small pieces just on top of it. Wait another five minutes on the stove before serving.

That has 1 Euro worth of pumpkin, 3 Euro for the meat, half a packet of feta (one packet is 200 g – 1,79 – so I will add 0,9 Euro for it), onions and potatoes are negligible, as I almost ever have that in my pantry, about 1,6 for half a small bottle of white wine (if I take a wine from the upper margin of the small bottles) – 6,50 Euro for two.

If you have a bottle of white wine open anyway … or if you like to drink wine – just buy a big bottle – better value …

And now for the dessert.

Not even I am crazy enough to try a pumpkin cream or some pumpkin spice thingie – but a carrot cake like pumpkin cake, all sweet and with ground hazelnuts is a lovely autumn dessert.

200 g sugar
4 eggs
1/2 lemon, juice and zests
1 teaspoon cinnamon
1 pinch salt
200 g pumpkin, finely grated
120 g hazelnuts finely grounded
100 g flour
1 teaspoon baking powder
150 g icing sugar
2 teaspoon lemon juice
1 tablespoon hot water

Mix sugar and eggs until it’s a light yellow homogenous mass. Add zest and lemon juice, cinnamon, salt and pumpkin, stir in grounded nuts. Mix flour with baking powder, stir under. Grease a springform pan (26 cm), fill the dough in and bake at 200°C ca. 55 minutes.
Make a glazing from icing sugar, lemon juice and water and cover the lightly cooled cake.

Pumpkin – if you get it for free from slightly overwhelmed friendly neighbours – the better. If you had a bigger one for one of the two savoury main dishes you might have left overs – it is not much.

4 eggs – I buy them organic. 6 are 2,15 – 1,40

200 g hazelnuts – 2,99 – of which you need about 3/4 – 2,25

250 g icing sugar – 0,39 – you need 3/5 – about 0,25

All in all that cake would probably cost about 4 Euro – which is …4,46 Dollar. And it is way more than just two servings.




Shopping around the world- vegetarian main dish

Since OneTwospoiledcats asked for a vegetarian main dish, I am happy to oblige. One of my favourite cookbooks is called  – Köstliches Gemüse – which translates as Delicious Vegetables. And my go to recipe in there is a variety of „cauliflower and cheese“.

Here you combine spinach, tomatos and cauliflower with a cheese sauce, based on a roux, spiced with white pepper and nutmeg.

You need:

half a cauliflower (price about 2 Euro for one, 1,00 f0r one half – the other half I will use extra)

500 g Spinach (or a packet of frozen spinach, which you just need to defrost – my go to variety) – price is about 1,70 €

Water and Salt

You part the cauliflower in bitesized pieces, bring the water to the boil with some salt and cook the cauliflower for five minutes, then you decant the water. If you have used fresh spinach, you just put the spinach in for a minute before you drain all.

Then you need 250 g of tomatos. I use tinned tomatos, I am too lazy to peel tomatos, so I buy tinned, ready peeled tomatos. But if you use fresh ones, you peel them (by crossing two slits on the bottom of each, pouring boiling water on them and then the peel should start to come off at the slits – use a knife from there. I don’t, I use a tin.

Tin of tomatos (440 ml – 0,45 €)

Butter an oven dish, lightly, spread the spinach, cover with tomato-slices (tinned tomatos can be bought already in small pieces) and put on the cauliflower.

Now to the cheese sauce:

You need 100 g of grated Gouda (or any other cheese that melts easily), ok, we have all laughed, take 200 g, (price 1,99 for 450 g, about 1 € for what we use) 30 g of butter, 40 g of flour, 250 ml of water and 250 ml of cream (if you use 200 g that is fine by me, costs about 0,49 €). You also need an egg (about o,35 €, an organic one) pepper and nutmeg and some extra salt.

Dissolve butter in pan, stir in flour, till it’s golden, then stir in water, slowly, you do not want some clumps. Stir well, add cream, spices, bring to the boil, add cheese, slowly so it can melt in between. Meanwhile separate egg, whisk egg yolk, add to sauce, beat egg-white until stiff, cautiously stir under the sauce.

Cover your vegetables with sauce, add some more butter on top (small flakes, not a thick layer) and put into cold oven 225 ° C for about 30 to 40 minutes.

Guten Appetit.

Now for the Americans among you:

500 g – about a pound (more or less, it does not signify)

250 g – one half of that

30 g – about a well heaped tablespoon

40 g – a little more than that

250 ml – 8 and a half liquid oz

100 g – about 3,5 oz

437 ° F – which means, the dish is HOT when it comes out of the oven!! Do not consume greedily! Let it cool slightly on the plate.

4,64 € plus some extra for butter, flour and spices – about $ 4,91. Low in carb, delicious (the acidity of the tomatos, the dark taste of the spinach and the sweetness of the cauliflower) -what is not to like?


Shop around the world – recipe blog hop by Bacon

Moroccan Orange-salad

serves four

6 oranges

a bag or package of dried dates (about 12)

almond flakes

cinnamon to taste (we leave it out)

mint leaves

orange blossom water, if you cannot get that, use Cointreau, like we do

Cut away all the peel (including the white) from the oranges, segment it (and leave the skin of the segments out) and use only the skinned segments. Finely dice the dates. Add both into a bowl, and use as much almond flakes as you like – some people use more the matchstick variety, whatever you use, remember, even if you love almonds, it’s an ORANGE salad. Finely slice stripes from the mint leaves.

If you use cinnamon, mix it in with the fluid, we leave it out, and we use Cointreau, enough to make the dry dates palatable.

This goes down well as a dessert without being artificially sweetened. No sugar, no honey, no syrup …

It still has enough sugar in the dates and the oranges and the Cointreau! And some extra calories in the almonds (they are fatty).


2,49  € for the oranges (1 kg) 1kg= 2lb 3.273965oz (American pounds, English ones are still different)

2,49 € for the dates (organic quality by Kluth) 200 g (a fifth of the amount up)

1,79 € for the pot of mint (plant)

1,39 € for 100 g Californian almond flakes of which you might use about one half (price for a tenth of the amount of the oranges)

That is 8,16 € or 8,73 $ for the whole salad or 2,04 €/2,19  $ per serving

Oranges and almonds are probably cheaper in the US …



Shopping around the world – dessert

My oinker-friend Bacon and his humans have a burger recipe for us – so I thought I’d publish a dessert recipe we did last weekend when cooking with 3 friends:

Rhubarb-Mascarpone-Dessert (serves four)

100 g sugar  – € 0,07
500 g rhubarb € 0,63 (but we had it fresh from the garden)

one teaspoon orange peel (use organic orange without wax) – I bought an orange and grated the peel off – but I forgot to check the price of this, we used the slices, too
250 g Mascarpone € 1,49
3 Tablespoons Milk neglectable, from storage
1 Tablespoon orange-based liqueur neglectable, from storage (or more)
Amarettini € 1,49

Strawberries €  1,29 (more than you need!)
Lemon balm leaves (from the garden, just a few for decoration)

Total cost: € 4,97 (5,54 $) for four (if you do not have rhubarb in your garden, that is) – makes about € 1,25 per head. Or 1,39 $

Peel and chop rhubarb, grate the orange peel off, get sugar in a pan to caramelize, add rhubarb and orange peel.Let simmer till rhubarb is soft.

Mix mascarpone with milk and liqueur till it’s creamy, add the orange slices, if you do not want to waste a good orange, makes the cream more tastie, too. Crunch some of the Amarettini cookies, wash strawberries, take away green, cut in quarters, take some lemon balm leaves

Fill about two tablespoons of crushed cookies in high glass, drop some orange liqueur on it (we used Amaretto here), add one half of mascarpone mix, add cooled rhubarb mixture, add other half of mascarpone mix, decorate with strawberries, the left over cookies and lemon balm leaves.


Bacon’s shopping around the world – Snacks

Here is an easy recipe for a snack we loved at home, sometimes for easy and quick lunch, sometimes in the evening in front of the TV.

We call it Toast Hawaii – a recipe that became popular in the 1950ies, when Germans associated fruit like pineapple or oranges with exotic destinations, a time when Germans travelled by car or train to holiday destinations in the mediterranean and Hawaii was out of bounds for most Germans.

So now you know the history, here is the recipe with prices:

Toast Hawaii (as made in my Grandma’s home)

Toast (we prefer toast with a little bit of full grain to completely white bread toast), a package of 500 g (approx. 1,1 pound in American measures) will cost 0,55 Euro (about 0,62 in American money but you only need about half a package: 0,28 Euro – 0,31 Dollar).

Butter, 250 g (more than half a pound, but you only need about 40 g – about a tenth of an American pound) 0,75 Euro- 0,84 Dollar- but you need about a sixth of that – that is 12 Eurocent – or 0,14 Dollar.

Ham (sorry, Bacon) cooked  – 150 g 1,49 Euro – 1,67 Dollar

Tinned rings of pineapple – one can/tin should suffice – 0,77 Dollar (0,69 Euro)

Melting cheese in slices – we always took the variety Chester, you can also take Cheddar or any other you fancy:

250 g 0,79 Euro – 0,89 Dollar, you won’t need a full package, just one slice per toast. Approx two thirds of that – approx 0,60 Dollar or 0,52 Eurocent

So much for ingredients and prices, here now what you have got to do with that:

Toast 8 slices of toast. Butter slightly. Lay ham and a ring of pineapple on that and top with cheese. Put into preheated oven, 180 ° Celsius, 356 ° F – for 6 minutes or as long as it takes to melt and only slightly brown the cheese (only very slightly!).


Toast: € 0,28 (0,31 $), Butter: € 0,12 (0,14 $), Cooked ham € 1,49 (1,67 $), Pineapple rings – one tin € 0,69 (0,77 $), Cheese € 0,79 (0,89 $)

€ 3,37 or 3,78 $

Serves 4.