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Weekly Photo Challenge: Zigzag

This week’s photo is a window from a Grotto in the baroque garden of Herrenhausen, designed by Niki de Saint Phalle  (not her real name, that was: Catherine Marie-Agnès Fal de Saint Phalle)

Grotte und Großer Garten im August 2005 006

Niki de Saint Phalle had a loving relationship with Hannover, after her death she left several of her artworks to our local Museum of Modern Art – the Sprengel-Museum (named after a chocolate-manufacturer and art-lover). One of her late works (finished after her death by her assistant) was this grotto, consisting out of three rooms, in her usual rounded, colourful style. This window is outstanding, as it shows untypically spiky zigzags and stars.


Weekly Photo Challenge: On the Move

Miniature Wonderland Hamburg, Germany

Miniature Wonderland Hamburg, Germany

A miniature train moving through one of the many scenes in the Miniature Wonderland in Hamburg Germany.

Weekly photo challenge: Horizon

2006, for a business meeting, we went to the Baltic Coast

Goals near, intermediate and a blurry future – that is all shown in this photo.

Fall at the Baltic Sea

Fall at the Baltic Sea

weekly photo challenge – FRESH

Seagull at the beach, baltic sea at Prerow, Germany

Seagull at the beach, baltic sea at Prerow, Germany

Sometimes even a seagull needs a refreshment. And this was mid-October …

Weekly Photo Challenge: The Golden Hour

Over the rooftops: Golden Hour View from my room in a B&B in the Cotswolds - where England is most english ;)

Over the rooftops: Golden Hour View from my room in a B&B in the Cotswolds – where England is most english 😉


He who binds to himself a joy
Does the winged life destroy;
But he who kisses the joy as it flies
Lives in eternity’s sun rise.

William Blake

Weekly photo challenge – curves

Curves of faith - Glaubenskurven

Curves of faith – Glaubenskurven

These curvy lines to be seen on the left were people holding a lit candle at the beginning of the german Protestant Church Day in Hannover- 25 th May 2005. Since it was a night shot and the people moved, the light of faith (for which those candles stood) became diagrams … Curves …

The Church Day – in Germany held by catholics and protestants alternating are a kind of convent for laymen. In those 4 days there is not only praying, singing and numerous messes held at numerous churches in that town of that meeting – there are a lot of discussions about theological and social topics, there are church-related cabaret and music events, countless lectures – and art events.

Here is a photo of an artistic event on that occasion – with light-curves

Light curves in the baroque garden of Herrenhausen.

Light curves in the baroque garden of Herrenhausen.


Weekly photo challenge – Fleeting (2)

Fleeting - floating ..

Fleeting – floating ..

There is something fishy about this pic … 😉

(Taken in London Aquarium, July 2005)


Weekly photo challenge – Fleeting


Fleeting life

Done is  life,

sung are the elegies

vanished has the grave.

Gone is the small church.

Stubborn remains the stone.

weekly photo challenge – the sign says

London Juli 2005 004

This photo of the sign was taken on the 23rd of July 2005 – 16 days after the terror-attacks on the London Underground.

With this sign bureaucratism fought back on terrorism. That was an unofficial, permanent-looking kind of sign. Nothing improvised. It showed for me: Whatever happens, things are properly dealt with in good order. And I was just a tourist.

Say my name

Silke, sounds like a boring name, just like Heike or any of those mass-naming kind like Sabine, Michael, Peter, Susanne. Not really a name, when a name is meant to distinguish. I was not really proud of it. Have never been. And then – then Internet came into my life and I read an article about it.

How it is linked to the roman word of blind – (lat.: „caecus“ [„blind“]) – how suitable, I thought, haven had issues with my eyes since I was a child.

There is a second link, too – to lat.: „caelum“ [„sky“]. And that to me – a down to earth woman. I was not ovewhelmed.

Even as a child I would have preferred Sylvia – from the word for wood/forest. Woods are majestic, mystic, dangerous and wild. Sky now – well, I was always suffering from vertigo. Not exactly my favourite direction – UP.

And Blind and Sky can even contain negative messages. Somebody is blind for his surroundings – does not see other people’s needs. Somebody has his head up in the sky – strange, how this is the same message, isn’t it. And that to me, I LOVE people. Not too close, obviously. But I take care of other people. How could they name me Ignorance?

Did they want me to be that way? Why have they taught me compassion then? Why did they open my eyes and make me see? Why did they put glasses on my nose – just to call me nosey when I saw what I should not see?

I am still not quite at peace with Silke – I much prefer my second name – Frances – or Franziska, as it is in German. THAT suits me far better.