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Summary of August so far for my English speaking readers

I started this month with a new, short series of posts, called „Survival“. Of course that was  an exaggeration, I had a small surgery coming up, as an outpatient, so nothing serious at all.

But I was going to experience my FIRST general anaesthetic, in over 47 years that had not been necessary before!

I started out melodramatically, stressing the necessity to take care of my cats in the case, if … Well knowing that nothing was likely to happen. And apart from some funny things (like having to postpone the procedure, as I am too fat for the ambulatory practice I was planned to go to and making jokes with the anaesthesist in the theatre and getting forgotten after waking up and having my leave postponed for hours …) nothing DID happen. I was really fit the whole Thursday. It was Friday that showed me you should not underestimate a general anaesthetic. The painkillers gone from my system I suddenly realized they had problems with my hunchback when intubating me. Boy did my chest hurt! But apart from that, all was well.

Then there is this other series of blog posts, a blog parade called Dot, dot, dot – Punkt, Punkt, Punkt – in which a group of bloggers agreed about a list of themes which we write about each Sunday. The themes for August were Music, Cups and Sky/Heaven (the German word Himmel means both and also the canopy of a four poster bed or the roof lining in car). So I wrote about a nerve which the Germans call „musical bone“ – you know it as „funny bone“, but as that it would not have fitted into the theme 😉

I also wrote about those mugs which mean a lot to me. The one that survived a mug massacre when I got caught at the door post with a tray … the one I bought in New York, the one I bought in Würzburg when a former colleague of mine bought new guitar strings – it was a musical instrument shop. The one that started an obsession with Dunoon mugs. The one from my football (soccer) club, the one that I bought instead of a visit to a museum because I was too stingy, the one I got given by a cousin, another one I got given by a colleague and the last one I really like from Lindt (they produce mugs for Easter and Christmas with chocolate Easter bunnies/ Santas).

And the last up to now for this month was yesterday’s post about Sky. I used (rather old-fashioned) German sayings which include the German Himmel, one a curse, the other expressing either delight or surprise. (Like you lot have „Out of the blue sky“ – we use „aus heiterem Himmel“)

Then there was a post about a surprise courgette I got from a colleague, with nearly 3 pounds (or 1,4 kg)  – and I am a single person … The last one was only 2 pounds and took me four persons eating a gratin to get it used.

This time I tried two recipes, had even more looked up – but two was what I cooked. One: A savoury muffin recipe with courgette and feta-cheese.

And number two recipe: Soup. With 1 kg of courgette I was happy I got to use all of the courgette.

Next post was about a festival of crime novels, several readings going on in and around Hannover during 12 days in September.

Followed this post up with a rant about a bicyclist who nearly killed me – he was driving on the pedestrian walk.

So this is a summary about this blog in August so far – by request of one commenter who relies on English.

Why just a summary? Because things like the Sky- or the Music-post would not be able in English.