Ein Frohes Neues Jahr

Neubeginn auch für Merlin und Kessy. Gerade haben sie das erste Mal zusammen gespielt. Hinterher wurde ein bißchen attackiert, um nur nicht den Eindruck zu erwecken, man sei jetzt befreundet. Aber dann wurde wieder gespielt. Das wird schon! Sind ja beide ein wenig älter, da braucht’s Zeit.

7 Antworten zu “Ein Frohes Neues Jahr

  1. Frohes neues Jahr. Ich hoffe, du habst ein tolles Jahr.
    It took my cats, Chris and Frankie, about a month to become friends but even today they fight sometimes.

  2. Happy New Year to all of you! May it bring peace and joy to your hearts.

    How nice that Kessy and Merlin decided to play! Hooray!

  3. Manchmal denke ich, ich sollte eine Tierheimkatze finden, um meiner Katze Andy einen Spielkameraden zu geben. Nachdem sein Bruder Dougy gestorben war, schien er für kurze Zeit verloren, dann wurde er ein selbstbewusster Kater. Er merkte, dass er jetzt die ganze Wohnung für sich allein hatte! Dann, ein anderes Mal, schaut er lange in das Gästezimmer, in dem Dougy als Top-Katze „regierte“. Es scheint, er erinnert sich an die Zeit, als er seinen Bruder zum Spielen hatte.

    • If so you need to choose carefully for temper, not for looks. A cat who is good with other cats, who is not too dominant but also who knows where his bread is buttered (so to speak), so he cannot be bullied – or a female cat who is very social. Like – Georgia, Campbell or Mitch from TK (too far away from you, sadly). Their character is what makes a such a try a success – or a failure. It should be an adult, not too agile, to not chase too enthusiastically after poor Andy, but also agile enough to play with him. A cat in Andy’s age would be good.

      But I can understand if you do not want to risk Andy’s wellbeing by trying a new introduction. There is no guarantee it does work. I was lucky twice. Kessy, when she came, was social and very well mannered and FunTom liked company. And now Merlin, after some minor differences, is settling in, too – they are about 3,5 years apart in age and both have had positive experiences with other cats before.

      Merlin had a cat living with him, but that one was a young and kind of bullying one. Just another reason why he is better housed here.

      • One introduction I made was Freckles (a female tabby, about five months old) and Louie (a ginger tabby, five years old). Freckles was here in the apartment first, then Louie. She „attack-played“ with him, and he seemed to unde3rstand she was a kittenish age. Other cats he was mean to, so i had to be careful= letting him see other cats.

        Andy and Dougy were littermates, so there was no problem re-introducing them to each other. The woman who had the mother and litter noted how well the two played together and asked if I wanted the second of the two brothers. It was easy! She noted their other siblings – a brother and sister – went to another family, and the two cats did not get along. I lucked out!

        Anyway, congratulations on your successful introduction of your two! It is fun watching two cats play together.

      • Thee’s still dynamic in that relation, he’s not really used to me being at work, and he’s still not completely healthy. But I have hopes they will stay on friendly terms.

      • Best wishes for you kittie’s recovery and adjustment!

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