In Purrsuit of flavors – comfort variety

What makes a comfort food?

Wikipedia gives me: Food, that provides a nostalgic or sentimental value to someone, and may be characterized by its high caloric nature, high carbohydrate level, or simple preparation. The nostalgia may be specific to an individual, or it may apply to a specific culture.

The examples given by Wikipedia for Germany are mainly savoury items. But while some loathe Ricepudding (Milchreis), some love it and for my sis it is comfort food. I’ve always preferred semolina flummery. With self made juice Grandma had made from black currants. That juice was slightly syruppy. When the dark purple sank into the milky white of the semolina it wrote a promise of sweetness and love in its very own language!

Serves four:

Half a liter of milk

1 Pinch of salt

Some lemon zest (scraped off, until you want to take it out afterwards, then an 8 cm stripe, which can be gripped)

75g semolina

3 separated eggs

90g sugar

Sugar and cinnamon to taste

Boil milk on medium heat with salt and lemon zest. Then add semolina slowly and stir, for about 8 minutes. If it reaches mush consistence, take out lemon zest (or if you grated it, ignore this) and let it cool down a little, while you beat the albumen stiff with half of the sugar. The other half goes into the yolks, which you stir into the mush.

Then you carefully stir in the stiff egg whites, not to loose too much volume.

You serve this with fruit sauce or berries.

No, Phenny’s mom, you do not write – oh, too late🤪😆

5 Antworten zu “In Purrsuit of flavors – comfort variety

  1. I loved it a lot!!! and it really can make the day a little brighter ;O)

    • Yes, I loved it too. I ate my rice pudding, but I really loved my semolina flummery. Those were the good days. Apart from very few days I liked what my grandma put on the table, some pea soup, thick to let a spoon stand? Check. Same with potato soup. Some minced meat with mashed potatoes? Heck yeah.

      But semolina flummery days were better.

  2. I never heard of semolina flummery but it looks like it would be quite tasty.

  3. That sounds almost like flan. At any rate it sounds yummy! Thanks for sharing!

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