In Purrsuit of Flavours – Sauce-edition

My favourite sauce to make myself has been the Bechamel.

So easy to make. So few, cupboard staple ingredients. AND – so versatile.

I used it first for Lasagna, together with a tomato sauce it layered quite nicely. I have used it as the base of mustard sauce. I have added cheese instead of mustard – for a nice cheese sauce to go with my cauliflower-spinach-tomato-dish.

Here is the basic recipe:

0,5 l of milk

40 g butter

40 g flour

50 g onions, finely diced

a little thyme, half a leaf of bay, nutmeg, pepper, salt

Boil milk, let butter melt in a pan, add flour, stir till combined and slightly yellowish. Add diced onions, let them get glassy without browning, add herbs and spices, stir boiling milk in (carefully, nobody wants lumpy sauce, as Tyebe and Shoko say!) Let boil for 10 min.

Get onions out by passing the ready sauce to a sieve (or let them stay, they are edible).

For a mustard sauce add mustard – two teaspoons or a tablespoon should be enough, but try it and add to your taste.

There you have it, my most basic sauce. (Apart from tomato sauce which is mainly boiled can of tomatos, oregano and thyme, salt and pepper and a little sugar to counter the acid of the tomatos.)

4 Antworten zu “In Purrsuit of Flavours – Sauce-edition

  1. that’s a kind of soulfood-sauce… it brings memories back and it can warm you up from the inside … always a good pick ;O)

  2. We LOVE this sauce with cheese! We make the best macaroni and cheese with it!

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