Langsame Küchenfee

I am writing in English today, as this is my contribution to PURRSUIT OF FLAVOUR.

I go it slowly – the theme for this month is Tummy warmer, so anything comfort food, stew-like should do. I opt for something very German, not Kraut, but Rosenkohl – or Brussel sprouts, another member of the vegetable family which is called Brassica, Brassica oleracea, gemmifera – the latter meaning bud-producing.

Yes, it stems from the Mediterranean originally, but for 1500 years it is cultivated here in the North of Europe and people like or hate here in Germany. It is one of the most divisive cabbage thingies. I did not like it as a kid, but today I quite like it.

And since Kraut is not the only thing we are famous for, there is also potatoes in this stew. And … Bratwurst. Raw sausage filling.

The recipe is very simple:

I have a 2,4 l slow cooker, so I had to adapt the recipe from the German website I got it from.

I also had translate it for „you ignorants“ *just kidding, I really love you, folks!

We need:

Approx. 350 g potatoes, peeled and in small-ish cubes, come first into the slowcooker pot.

Add spices, a little salt (do not forget you add some more with the vegetable broth and the Bratwurst-filling, plus the plus-recipe of self-made cheese spread, I am in a generous mood today), some pepper and some nutmeg.

Then prepare the 350 g sprouts (big ones are halved, small ones are just put onto the potatoes) and add them into the pot.

Cut open the 200 g sausages, take the raw filling out (no, it does not work with cooked sausages! You need a mass that you can still form, if you cannot get raw sausages – take minced meat and add some spices) and form walnut sized meat balls. Put them up as top layer, then pour in about 350 ml of vegetable broth, put on high and wait for about 3 hours …

It should look like this:

Meanwhile prepare the cheese spread (I forgot I needed it so I did not buy it today, hence why I had to search for this recipe).

You need 150 g of young Gouda (or any other easily melting cheese), 75 ml of cream, 50 g of sour cream or Crème fraîche, 20 g of butter and then you put it all into a pot and let it slowly melt together while stirring. Use low heat, you do not want it to boil.

Cheese spread in preparation

When ready pour 100 g of that into a small bowl and stand aside, you will need it when the 3 hours are over, the rest can be kept in the fridge for about 10 days.

When the three hours are over, take the 100 g of cheese spread and slowly stir it in, close lid and wait for another 20 minutes.

So much for the theory – I will have to see if this works …

Very German, cabbage, potatoes AND Bratwurst … and all in one pot.

Not vegetarian, let alone vegan.

The last time I used my small crock pot, I did not need about two thirds of the time, so I am having an eye on my pot and will see if my things are done earlier … – The German original recipe is for a 3,5 l crockpot. Those do not get as warm as my little one and need more load. But those of you who have already used a lot of crock pot, will know that.

And now – dig in … well, I will have to wait another 2 and a half hours …

I had forgotten to add the links to those websites I took those recipes from. If I had found them in English I would only have linked there, of course. The Copyright lies with those two sites, not with me!!

6 Antworten zu “Langsame Küchenfee

  1. ….oooo that was one of my grannys special food… I loved it when we came home frozen like Olaf and there was such a fab food waiting for us…

    • Ha, I do not need to bring this to your attention then. I became an Amazon Prime Day victim and bought a slow cooker (had my eyes on one for some time) – and this is my second recipe. The first functioned, but I really have to adjust the time and adapt the amount, as I haven’t found yet recipes for 2,4 l pots.

  2. OMG…this recipe sounds so yummy. I like bratwurst but don’t know where I would get the raw. I will ask the german deli, perhaps they can help me. I have none of these ingredients but on a cold wintery day it would be fun to make it and a delicious meal.

    Thanks for the contribution.


  3. It looks good, but I would need to leave out the dairy and substitute a different meat item. I love brussels sprouts and grow them here. 🙂

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