Bacon’s Shop around the world – Summer dish

Bacon has asked again and how can I not deliver when asked so nicely?

So here is a new recipe for summer. Quick in the kitchen and not too heavy:

Swedish Summer Soup

4 big potatoes

250 g smoked Salmon or Salmon fillet (it doesn’t matter which, as you put it into the soup and it gets heated anyway, should be enough to cook the salmon

150 ml (about a cup) cream

2 leeks

1 l vegetable broth

2 table spoons butter (or oil – it is for frying the leek and the potatoes, I prefer to fry with oil)

2 table spoons dill (I use frozen dill, less hassle and you do not depend on the supermarket stocking it when you have time to shop, fresh dill is sometimes sold out when I go shopping)

Peel the potatoes and cut them into small dice, clean the leek and cut that into rings (if you prefer to cut and then wash, that is fine), heat fat in a sauce pan, fry leek and potatoes a little, just so that they are not raw anymore, about 10 minutes, I’d say, you later cook them). Add the vegetable broth, cook for 15 minutes.

Cut salmon in dices or small parts (small enough that you can spoon them up without spilling the soup all over yourself), blitz the potatoes and the leek (roughly, not too fine) and add the salmon to the pan. If it is fresh fillet, let it cook until done (should not take a lot of time, fish is fast and the parts should be small) – you only need to warm the smoked salmon for about 5 minutes. Add dill and cream (no more cooking after cream, just warming through). Serve with fresh baguette or any other kind of bread you like. (I’d like a rye roll for this).

And now to the money – all in Euro, I’ll give you a dollar-summary at the end:
7,38 for 200 g Salmon, organic, smoked (NOT wild salmon, for the sake of the fish)

2 leeks – 0,62

cream 200 ml – 0,69

dill – 1,39

I had potatoes in my storage and pepper, oil and soup powder from which I took 4 teaspoons to make 1 l of broth.

That is 10,08 Euros for 4 persons (plus potatoes if you have to buy some)

€ 2,52 per person – add to that the bread (I forgot to buy the rye roll). And in Dollar: 2,97 $



11 Antworten zu “Bacon’s Shop around the world – Summer dish

  1. Sehr skandinavisch, könnte mir gut schmecken

  2. I would love to try that recipe but my wife hates fish.

    • Her loss. You can do it without fish, set aside one half of it before you put in the fish into the other half (you only need half the fish then), and do ont forget to add the cream to both pots. But it’s just not the same. Maybe, if you fried some bacon those could replace the fish? Or some dried porcini …

  3. Sounds delicious for sure!! XOXO – Bacon

  4. That’s a Vichissoise plus salmon, nice.

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