Congrats USA

You might be shite at the Winter Olympics (ok, you just won a gold medal  in women’s giant slalom, I give you that, you have won 5 gold and 8 medals at all, compared to Germany you are 4 times as big … and compared to the Netherlands, who are only a 20th of your population – you are still shite)

But congrats, you just managed to achieve 18 events with firearms near or in a school. Some where only suicides. Others did no damage, like this one:

  • January 10: A student at Grayson College in Texas accidentally fired a bullet during a gun training session with an instructor. No one was hurt.


  • January 20: A Winston-Salem State University football player was shot and killed during an event at Wake Forest University. ONE body
  • January 22: A 16-year-old shot and injured a female student several times at Italy High School in Texas.
  • January 22: Someone in a pickup truck fired at a group of students gathered in front of Net Charter School in New Orleans. One boy was injured.
  • *January 23: A 15-year-old student at a high school in Kentucky shot and killed two students and injured 17 others. TWO MORE BODIES.

And now, today it is 17 more Bodies – that is already 20 in all – and nearly 3 per week. That is how much you love your children. With all the bad rhetoric you give to Ms Merkel and her taking in refugees of which a few misbehaved (less than a percent who came!) – you, America, have a problem. A serious problem. Look at your mirror, long and hard – and ask yourself: Is it normal that I rather risk my children dying than risk to offend the NRA? Is it the only way to go, spreading more and more weapons and messages of hate and neglecting the duty to take care of your vulnerable? Today’s shooter had mental health problems. That was recorded. What did you do about that, America? Yes, right, you expelled him from school. Why help your next of kin – when you can punish him? Oh, it is in the Bible? You did not read that part, did you? You only go on about the OLD testament. But Jesus made a new one, giving us tasks. Be unselfish, be good.

To go and produce more weapons is NOT what Jesus would do.

Go and ask yourself, what WOULD Jesus do, Mr Pence! You claim to be a good Christian? Then follow his words and his example. „Blessed are the peacemakers: for they shall be called the children of God.“ It is not quite what you lot are doing.


3 Antworten zu “Congrats USA

  1. Sie predigen dem Chor. Wer ist Amerika? Ich bin nur ein Mann. Ich bin nicht religiös. Es sind die Religiösen, die ihre Waffen wollen!

    • Ich weiß ja, dass viele Amerikaner meiner Meinung sind. Nicht zuletzt diejenigen, die Opfer zu beklagen haben. Aber zu viele von diesen geben zu schnell auf. Hätte Gandhi so schnell aufgegeben, wäre Indien noch heute eine Kolonie Großbritanniens.

  2. So gut auf den Punkt gebracht, man müsste es den Entscheidern immer und immer wieder vorlesen, bis sie es verstanden haben und endlich anfangen, entsprechend zu handeln.
    (Davon ab, gehe ich davon aus, dass es einigen heute schon klar ist, aber die Waffenlobby vorgeht. Ich weiß nicht, was schlimmer ist.)

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