Shop around the world – potatoes

This month the humble spud was demanded by Bacon’s shop around the world. I love them, in all forms.

So let’s see – I have a new favourite cabbage recipe with a lot of spuds in:

Chinese cabbage and potato-pot

(if you want to go veggie, just leave out the smoked chicken)

1 Chinese cabbage, core cut out, cut into pieces

1 kg (about 2,2 pounds) of potatoes, peeled and cut into 1 cm cubes

half a kilogram of onions, peeled and cut into small wedges

400 ml of cream (vegans substitute this with whatever cream substitute they prefer, not sure coconut cream would be the thing, though)

125 ml of vegetable stock

salt, pepper, nutmeg

250 g of smoked chicken, in cubes

Fry the onions until glassy, add potatoes, cream and stock, add some salt, pepper and nutmeg and let cook for 25 minutes. Then add cabbage and smoked chicken. Cook until cabbage has just a tiny bit of chew left.

Serves four

Prices in €:

1,5 China cabbage – Chinakohl

0,9 cream

2 potatoes

1,3 onions

about 4 for the smoked chicken

9,7 € for four servings – that is about 2,4 Euro per head! It is not only very tasty, it is as well freezable.



6 Antworten zu “Shop around the world – potatoes

  1. Cabbage with potatoes sounds yummy. I’ll have to try it.

  2. love it!!! that is a food what can warm our belly and our heart!!!

  3. mmm. I love all types of cabbage. I don’t think I’ve ever had china cabbage. I’m going to have mom look for it at the market. Thanks sweet friend – what an awesome recipe! XOXO – Bacon

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