Shop around the world – Dessert-edition

Mmm – desserts!

Teddy hosts this month‘ culinary blog hop.

I love desserts. It’s a rare day when a dessert is offered and I decline one – but it has happened …

Usually I am with the SWEET-dessert-brigade. But today I want something else, for all those who are not into the sugar-variety:

Gorgonzola-pears (serves two)

2 ripe pears

1 kg about 2 € – though they are now in season and could be less – but you only need two – which is about 400 g, if you choose big ones, and 300 g, when you are not so greedy. That leaves you with 0,80 € (of course you can also buy only ONE big one – about 200 g)

1 table spoon lemon juice, I always have a lemon in my storage – but I found an organic lemon direct juice – costs about € 1,25 – but you need only a table spoon, approx. a tenth of that – that is 0,13 €

1 table spoon chopped walnuts – 100 g cost 9,49 – but you only need about a half of the packet (depends on the size of your pears, of course) 4,75 € (the priciest item here)

40 g Gorgonzola (or more if you chose big pears) – or any other mild, creamy blue cheese

I chose Galbani Gorgonzola Cremosa – priced around 2 Euro for 150 g – you need a third of that 0,77 €

20 g butter – a knob of butter from the fridge – costs about 0,20 €

For decoration purposes 4 blue grapes – but if you cannot stand grapes, leave them out.

Peel the pears, half them, core them and take the stem out (all of it, even the stringy white parts). Then smother the pears in lemon juice. Roll the outside part of the pears in walnuts.

Mix cheese and butter, fill into an icing (or piping) bag and pipe it into the pear halves (there should be a big hole where the core was). Halve the grapes and decorate.

The sweetness of the pears and the savoury filling make a nice change from those puddings/desserts we usually spoil ourselves with in my cooking group.

This comes to a total of 6,65 €. For two. But you only make effort for a dessert when you have something special, the rest of the days it is ready bought ice-cream or a ready bought dessert …

For the US-readers:

7,83 Dollar – just in case you wondered.

20 g are about 0,7 ounces – we don’t bother with cups here.

It should be cheaper in the States: You have way cheaper walnuts, haven’t you? Those were the main cost-source in this recipe. And you can choose any kind of mild, creamy blue cheese, it doesn’t have to be Gorgonzola, though then those pears would not be Gorgonzola pears but Blue Cheese pears.

As I have taken it from a cookbook (bad, bad Fran) I should at least give the source:

Lukullisches für zwei Personen, by Karin Brüchmann. A gem of a book but the English speaking world is left in the dark, that is why I dared to bring it on my blog. I have done all the translation and I am very willing to give Ms Brüchmann her due – I love her book and can only recommend, if you are able to understand German, to buy it, but it’s only available as a used book now!


6 Antworten zu “Shop around the world – Dessert-edition

  1. love it!!! I saw it at franken tv but I forgot the recipe…thanks for sharing this gem, I’m glad to have the recipe now ;o)))

  2. I love Gorgonzola and also pears but to combine them like this is challenging my taste 😊 but who knows, I may very well like it

  3. I rarely think of fruit as dessert but this sounds yummy. I love cheese on apples, especially gjetost. I think of that as a snack cause there’s no cooking.

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