Shop around the world – Seafood-Edition

I have done that recipe once in this blog, in January, but in German. Since it is a recipe from an English newspaper, The Guardian, I will put up a link to the paper, here.

But what I need for Shop around the world (this time hosted by the Canadian cats and not Bacon) are the prices, which I did not give in January for Jansson’s Temptation (a well known Swedish recipe, which has several other blog appearances) and which you will not find in the Guardian either.

You need:

50 g butter 0,25 €

2 finely chopped onions 0,05 €

about 250 g anchovis (or Sprotten or small herring filets) – in Swedish marinade and half of the marinade (about 5,58 €- 2,29 € each tin)

6 medium sized potatoes (about 0,9 €)

400 ml whipping cream (about 3 €)

2 tbsp white bread crumbs (neglectable)

salt and white pepper

Costs for 3 persons: about 9,78 € – 10,68 $

Oven needs 190 ° C/374 F

The finely sliced onions are cooked until glossy, then put into a well buttered oven dish, followed by the cut up anchovis and the match-stick potatoes. You pour first the half of the marinade over and then the cream, salt and pepper, crumble the bread on top, add some butter and put into the oven for about three quarters of an hour.

This is the basic version – nothing like the fancy red potatoes from the Guardian cook …


3 Antworten zu “Shop around the world – Seafood-Edition

  1. It sounds yummy. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Hi… Yeah that sounds very nice. Ive go a slight obsession with Swedish fish products. There’s a company called Abba that do marinated herring in various sauces… I go absolutely potty for the basil and mustard ones… when I can get hold of them

  3. great!!!! I hopped over to take a look at this meal… it looks fantabulous… and the last sentence is the best: ‚Serve as is, all on its own.‘ that’s what I will do :o)

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