Shop around the world – Dessert

One of those sweet dishes, my grandma made for a real meal instead of just making it a dessert, was Grießbrei – semolina porridge.

In springtime she usually cooked a rhubarb compote with it and served that as sauce.

semolina porridge

200 g semolina (Weichweizengrieß) – cost about  0,18 €

2 tablespoons of butter – about 0,13 €

5 tablespoons of sugar (if you like it less sweet, leave one out) – about 0,05 €

and 6 small cups of milk (about 750 ml) – I chose organic milk, 0,90 €

For the rhubarb compote I bought four stalks of rhubarb, added two tablespoons of sugar (about 0,03 €) and some water – plus a teaspoon of potato starch (half a kilo cost 1,59 €, but you only need about 5 to 10 g) and a dash of vanilla extract.

I paid for a little more than 300 g 2,22 € (Kilo-price: 6,99 €)

I peeled the rhubarb, cut away the undesirable ends and cut it into small chunks, which I put into a pot, together with the sugar and let it cook, till the rhubarb was tender. I stirred the vanilla extract and some water into the starch till it reached a swampy, mushy state, where it is a liquid one moment and changes into two phases, one firm, one watery, the next … This I stirred, and stirred it in, when the rhubarb was done. Then you have to let it cook for another minute, so that the starch gets cooked!

rhubarb compote

After that, remove from heat and put it into a bowl.

The semolina porridge is even easier. Heat milk with butter and sugar, when butter is molten, stir in semolina – keep stirring. Have an eye on it, it gets thicker over time, so when you think it might end up too thick, add a little more milk, not too much!

Stir it until bubbles form, then let it rest away from the heat for a minute or so – you want the semolina cooked, it takes a little time, but not as much as a risotto!

Pour it into another bowl or directly into the soup plates and add rhubarb compote. (You can use the compote of every fruit you like, of course, but rhubarb is the first fresh thing in the spring that is kind of fruity!)

All in all: 1,26 € for the semolina porridge (which can be cooked the day before and stored cool), and about 2,30 € for the rhubarb compote – 3,56 €


11 Antworten zu “Shop around the world – Dessert

  1. I love rhubarb. Yummy.

    • Me too. Not to eat raw, that is a tad too sour for my tastebuds. But in a dessert or in a cake (wonderful meringue-rhubarb-pies around).Or as juice – just the day before yesterday I bought some rhubarb juice.

      • We grow our own rhubarb. On of the plants that wasn’t a pass along and bought from mail order is actually sweat enough to eat a bite of. They all taste good in recipes. My post for shopping is a rhubarb delight recipe. 😎 ☕️We also make rhubarb strawberry jelly. If you want the link, I’ll send it. I was just going to post it. It’s almost midnight here.

      • Waiting for Phenny’s owner to go online and post their contribution …
        Yes, grandma used to make strawberry-rhubarb-jam back then – I loved that, too.

      • I posted my link on Piglove and waiting for Phenny. Hope he didn’t start a fire.

  2. that is a super idea… I love the tartish rhubarb and the sweet semolina, that is the perfect mix… and griessbrei is something what reminds me of my granny too… it was the best treatment for lacerated knees and it helped much more than the bandage and the horrible iodine…

  3. This sounds like such a comfort food and I love rhubarb. I will try making a meal of this for sure. Danke.

    • You’re welcome. I was glad I could decide WHAT food to make for this month‘ Shop around the world. It was easy, as I saw the first rhubarb in the shops and spontaneously decided for this.

  4. My mother was German but she never made cooked semolina sweet. We ate it as a breakfast porridge with at most a sprinkle of sugar (but usually not) and I still love it. Not a fan of rhubarb but this would be great with any fruit. Gotta try it!

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