Shop around the world – recipe blog hop by Bacon

Moroccan Orange-salad

serves four

6 oranges

a bag or package of dried dates (about 12)

almond flakes

cinnamon to taste (we leave it out)

mint leaves

orange blossom water, if you cannot get that, use Cointreau, like we do

Cut away all the peel (including the white) from the oranges, segment it (and leave the skin of the segments out) and use only the skinned segments. Finely dice the dates. Add both into a bowl, and use as much almond flakes as you like – some people use more the matchstick variety, whatever you use, remember, even if you love almonds, it’s an ORANGE salad. Finely slice stripes from the mint leaves.

If you use cinnamon, mix it in with the fluid, we leave it out, and we use Cointreau, enough to make the dry dates palatable.

This goes down well as a dessert without being artificially sweetened. No sugar, no honey, no syrup …

It still has enough sugar in the dates and the oranges and the Cointreau! And some extra calories in the almonds (they are fatty).


2,49  € for the oranges (1 kg) 1kg= 2lb 3.273965oz (American pounds, English ones are still different)

2,49 € for the dates (organic quality by Kluth) 200 g (a fifth of the amount up)

1,79 € for the pot of mint (plant)

1,39 € for 100 g Californian almond flakes of which you might use about one half (price for a tenth of the amount of the oranges)

That is 8,16 € or 8,73 $ for the whole salad or 2,04 €/2,19  $ per serving

Oranges and almonds are probably cheaper in the US …



6 Antworten zu “Shop around the world – recipe blog hop by Bacon

  1. Sounds very refreshing! Yum!

    • I think with your condition you might prefer the alcohol free version with orange blossom water. Always better to leave out nerve poisons when you are already slightly off healthwise. Though beer could be allowed. A weak one.

  2. love it… and I think with cointreau it gets the special something what makes it to a feat for our tongue :o)

  3. Yummy. This salad sounds fabulous. I’m printing this one for mom – thanks dear friend. XOXO – Bacon

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