My best present

My best Christmas present this year was a very thoughtful one given to me by me loving sister. She ordered it from the „evil online empire“ and had them deliver it here. It arrived in time on the 23rd!

Not that I disliked the crochetted snowflakes to decorate my tree (which a friend gave to me) – and I love the colour sudoku, my sister got me from her Christmas market.

But the best present was a folded seat – one like those anglers use.

Each year I wait for long hours for tickets for a summer festival in our baroque garden. And I sit on the floor (which gets harder with me getting older – and fatter) – and then I have to get up again, as the floor is covered with gritty stones and dirt and I cannot sit there too long on the ground, not even with my trustworthy blanket. But next year I have a seat! YEAH! And here I was, thinking I had everything I needed!

This was my best Christmas present this year!

(This is a contribution to Bacon’s blog roll)

3 Antworten zu “My best present

  1. A brilliant gift! It will revolutionise your summer activities. The colour sudoku also sounds pretty great 🙂

  2. that is a super gift… and I will buy me one too. It’s the MUST HAVE for all events… thanks for a very good idea… and every long waiting in a row is like christmas then for me :o)

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