Abschiedstour (Farewell-Tour)

Today’s blogpost is dedicated to all pet owners who have lost their pets or are going to lose their pets in this cursed year which is 2016.

One of those who went not to come back is Easy, the Weimaraner. He died quickly after a perforated stomach. Before this sad event his human started a blog-hop for another furry friend, a cat, called Sammy, aged 21, whose time seems to have come, too.

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Sammy’s blog was filled with travel destinations – so this blog-hop is about showing Sammy places he would like to travel to.

Well, this blog is called in Hannover and I have already shown a lot of places in this town – or described them.

Picture number one is a Christmas tree – I put up one each year, a real one, and my cats love it, so I hope, you love it, too. It’s also the light in a dark time.

Place number two is under my bed – a good place to play hide and seek. Oh, and when you cross over to the other side, could you give this sweetie a head bump from me and my Tom? She once was ours, but died 2011. Her name was Mashka.

And the last picture is light, caught in a living thing. To remind us, that the world which gets a little darker when one of us leaves still has light at the most unexpected places.

Hope you liked your trip to Hannover, Sammy. Farewell.


17 Antworten zu “Abschiedstour (Farewell-Tour)

  1. What a lovely post! It has been a horrid year of loss. Our gorgeous ginger boy of 16 took his leave and so many other lovely blogging pets crossed the bridge. Easy is deeply missed. We want to hang onto Sammy for a little longer…

  2. Sammy has friends all over the world.

  3. danke… es hilft so dolle nicht allein zu sein….

    • Meine Mashka war gerade mal 5, als sie an Toxoplasmose starb. Das hatte sie schon jung, immer wieder mal hörte sie auf zu fressen und zu trinken und ich hatte sie immer wieder in der Klinik – und im Januar 2011 war es das letzte Mal, das arme Katzentier wurde von mir mitten in der Nacht hin gebracht, aber es war schon zu spät. 😦
      Und daher weiß ich, wie es sich anfühlt, wenn man ein noch „junges“ Tier verliert. Wobei in meinem Fall die Tierklinik schon vorher mal gesagt hat, die wird nicht alt.

      • das ist so traurig das Mashka so frueh gehen musste….es ist als ob es einen zerreisst… wenn man heimkommt ist man irgendwie nicht mehr zu hause.. alles kalt und leer… :o(

      • Ich hatte ja noch den Kater. Aber nach vier Wochen machte mir das Tier klar, dass er tagsüber nicht immer so allein sein wollte. (Wenn du je eine Katze klagend miauen gehört hast, weißt du Bescheid, was ich meine) – und da hab ich mich nach einer weiteren Katze umgesehen. Im März hatten wir dann eine Neue. Die kam auch sofort gut mit dem Kater klar! Nur mit mir hatte sie ernsthafte Vertrauens-Probleme. Aber das hat sich gelegt.

        Bei Euch sieht es ja anders aus. Ihr hattet nur EINEN Hund. Und da fällt natürlich richtig ins Gewicht, dass er jetzt nicht mehr da ist. (Nur nicht in Bezug auf Hund, nur in Bezug auf EINEN – nicht wie ich, die ich ZWEI hatte).

  4. That was a lovely tribute and I think it will make people feel a little better. XX

    • Well, it will always hurt to lose a beloved pet. Nothing a stranger on the other side of the world writes can change that. But at least those who have lost a pet this year or will in the foreseeable future should feel assured, they are not alone, we pet owners everywhere know how it feels and suffer a little with you.

  5. Sammy will love his visit to your home. he will be sadly missed.

  6. Sorry to hear about the loss of your two pets. They were so fortunate to have such a great human friend. Our soon to be seven years old black lab, Cody, is the heart of our lives. He and I just got back from our morning walk. He’s now dozing behind me here in my study. When I go shopping he’ll be with me in the front seat of the truck with the window down so he can look out at folks. I love this dog, so my heart goes out to you. Get another! Pets keep us happy; they keep us healthy; they keep us balanced.
    And as the movie title says: All Dogs Go to Heaven. And so far as I’m concerned, cats, horses, rabbits, fish, turtles, hampsters– on and on…all go to heaven.

    • Easy’s humans have just lost their dog, allow them to grieve a little – and after coming to terms with their grief yes, the only cure for a dog shaped hole in your heart – is another dog.

  7. Thank you for participating in the blog hop Easy organized for me – it’s a pleasure to meet you and hear about Hannover. It’s been a long day of flying in a balloon to visit so many people but what fun I’ve had. I hope one day to visit again!!!!

    Love, Angel Sammy

  8. I bet Sammy had fun.

  9. We like your pictures, so full of meaning and intention. We know Sammy would love the tree and the light, and I bet he is already chatting to Mashka!

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