Show and tell – the one thing from my childhood that still keeps me happy

Dear Bacon,

the one thing that transformed my life in my childhood stems from the time when I was 8 years old and the teacher at school found out that I could only read what was written on the black board when I sat in the first row.

The teacher talked to my grandmother, who had told me not to write with my nose several times, too.

So we made an appointment with the ophthalmologist where I had to endure all the usual stuff like eye-drips that made me unable to see what was around me (not exactly the point when you go to the eye-doctor, after all you go there because you want to IMPROVE your eyesight, don’t you?), which opened up my lenses for the doctor to see into my eyes, of course. Other drips, countless tables to read – or not, as it turned out … And I could read very well then. In the end I was pronounced short sighted and had to wear glasses.

Grandma and I went to some eye shop with a very arrogant shop owner, but Grandma made sure he really hated me by demanding I should only get the cheapest glasses and the cheapest frame. Well, given that I needed new glasses every other year and that I was a child and hence might break my glasses I can understand her. So I got the most ugly frame that was ever invented (today they are hipster-chic) with simple, non-anti-glare glasses.

When I finally walked out of that shop for the first time with my glasses on I was a new child. „Granny, look there is a clock on that shop! Granny look how beautiful that bird is! Granny, this is a beautiful house over there!“ – I was transformed. I could SEE what was around me. Granny later said to me, she felt bad then. She had had glasses herself when she was young and should have paid more attention to my eyes. She  could see how much fun I had then when I finally could SEE the world around me in detail, not just a blur …

I never hated having to wear glasses – without them I was nearly blind as a mole in coal, with them the world was my oyster. And no classmate ever dared to mock me seriously. I was fierce and my glasses were so precious to me, I never felt bad even with the occasional try to poke fun of them. With my glasses I lived in a world I could see.

I still wear glasses, though lately, when I want to read small print or the lighting is bad, I leave them out … I still need them for everything that is not directly under my nose.

My glasses today are nothing excitable but I still wear them as a part of me. It is really weird for me that now, getting older, I find it harder to read with them …


13 Antworten zu “Show and tell – the one thing from my childhood that still keeps me happy

  1. Oh, I remember those ugliest frames! As a child, I always had to get the ugliest frames, too, for the same reason you did. And, once a year – you could count on it! – I did break them!

  2. „Und kein Klassenkamerad wagte es, sich ernsthaft über mich lustig zu machen.“? Hola! Warst du so furchteinflößend?

  3. Oh I remember this first moment with glasses, I discovered so much brandnew things I never saw before. I also collided with the glass doors of Rossmann after I left Mr. Fielmann, they probably were new too although my mother said there always were there… I got my glasses as an adult, but nevertheless I always pick cheap frames, I’m not very carefull with my optical aids…

  4. I got my first glassed in my mid 20’s – my eyesight had been deteriorating and I hadn’t noticed until I did an eye test as part of a medical for a job I’d applied for.
    When I first wore them I found myself walking sideways up the street and feeling sick, so went back to the ophthalmologist, who explained that my brain had been compensating for years, so it would take time to adjust.
    But, like you, I joyfully saw leaves on trees, grass blades, birds, etc, clearly and loved it all.
    I do still take my glasses off when reading even though they are multi-focal and I should read with them 😀

  5. aaww what an awesome story my friend! I just loved it and read it to mom. I think mom had a little water in her eyes. Thanks for sharing this beautiful time. XOXO – Bacon

  6. Excellent post – very nice memory to share.

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