Shopping around the world (Salad)

To join in on Bacon’s and Fozzymum’s Shopping around the world:

Here my friends I share with you a rice-salad, that comes in layers, I found it on . (German website)

You need 200 gramm rice and boil that.

Red and green bell pepper

1 leek or a big bunch of chives (which I prefer)

2 cans of tangerines

1 table-spoon of curry powder, 1 table-spoon of sweet paprica powder

I divert from the original recipe here: I do not use 300 ml Miracel Whip, I use 150 ml yoghurt and 150 ml mayonnaise

(go ahead and make your own mayo, why not?)


While boiling the rice (with salt) prepare the vegetables, cut the bell peppers in small cubes (do not mix colours!) and the leek in fine rings. Let the tangerines drip (it’s just sugar water anyway).

Part the rice in thirds – one third of the rice you mix with the paprica powder, one third you mix with the curry powder (add curcuma if not yellow enough), leave one third of the rice white.

Then you take a glass bowl, put in the red rice, add the green bell pepper  cubes, white rice and red bell pepper cubes, add curry rice and finish with tangerines atop of that.

Pour the mayo-joghurt-mix (I usually put in finely cut chives there and avoid the raw leek) over this and let it seep through over night (or at least 4 hours) in the fridge.

Voila, something cool and tasty and a little sweet and even vegetarian (not vegan, there is milk in the yoghurt and egg in the mayonnaise or in the Miracel Whip)

Can you do it vegan? Yes, you have to replace the mayonnaise with a vegan variety. And no yoghurt – or a vegan yoghurt (for example from Alpro, but make sure it is sugar free). I prefer the vegetarian variety, though, with egg and yoghurt.

So now for the money:

1 Euro = 1,099 Dollar

1 kg rice – 1,69 (I buy the loose variety as I like to be able to just cook 1 portion – half a cup) – 200 gr 0,34 Euro

bell pepper mix of three: 1,29 – 2 needed makes 0,86 Euro

bunch of chives – uhm, you got me there … let’s say about an Euro though it really depends, you might even have it planted in your garden

2 small cans of tangerines, 0,98 Euro

500 g jar of organic yoghurt 1,89 Euro – 0,57 Euro

500 ml jar of mayonnaise 0,79 Euro – 0,24 Euro

salt and spices I had in my stash

That makes about 4,39 Euros – serves four – and in American Dollars it is 4,83 Dollar.

1,21 Dollar per serving. Not bad …


And calories? 360 kcal. Way less than a pizza!




Eine Antwort zu “Shopping around the world (Salad)

  1. Oh yum. It sounds so intriguing. I wanna try it! Thanks for sharing my sweet friend. XOXO – Bacon

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