Shopping around the world – dessert

My oinker-friend Bacon and his humans have a burger recipe for us – so I thought I’d publish a dessert recipe we did last weekend when cooking with 3 friends:

Rhubarb-Mascarpone-Dessert (serves four)

100 g sugar  – € 0,07
500 g rhubarb € 0,63 (but we had it fresh from the garden)

one teaspoon orange peel (use organic orange without wax) – I bought an orange and grated the peel off – but I forgot to check the price of this, we used the slices, too
250 g Mascarpone € 1,49
3 Tablespoons Milk neglectable, from storage
1 Tablespoon orange-based liqueur neglectable, from storage (or more)
Amarettini € 1,49

Strawberries €  1,29 (more than you need!)
Lemon balm leaves (from the garden, just a few for decoration)

Total cost: € 4,97 (5,54 $) for four (if you do not have rhubarb in your garden, that is) – makes about € 1,25 per head. Or 1,39 $

Peel and chop rhubarb, grate the orange peel off, get sugar in a pan to caramelize, add rhubarb and orange peel.Let simmer till rhubarb is soft.

Mix mascarpone with milk and liqueur till it’s creamy, add the orange slices, if you do not want to waste a good orange, makes the cream more tastie, too. Crunch some of the Amarettini cookies, wash strawberries, take away green, cut in quarters, take some lemon balm leaves

Fill about two tablespoons of crushed cookies in high glass, drop some orange liqueur on it (we used Amaretto here), add one half of mascarpone mix, add cooled rhubarb mixture, add other half of mascarpone mix, decorate with strawberries, the left over cookies and lemon balm leaves.


18 Antworten zu “Shopping around the world – dessert

  1. Sounds delicious! My mum grows rhubarb so I shall pass this on.

    • It’s delicious – though you have to careful with the sugar – you do not want to ruin a good pan … the moment the rhubarb goes in the sugar should solve in the rhubarb juice.
      They recommend to use rhubarb only in the first half of the year, as it contains more and more of a certain acid which can cause kidney stones. (Oxalic acid) But your mom will know that as a well experienced gardener – you do not harvest rhubarb after 24. June – for the good of the plant.

      • Great advice, thank you! She has been growing rhubarb for years so I am sure she knows this but I will let her know anyway and pretend I am very knowledgeable about such things 🙂

      • Well, you might have a garden in your future, too … please do NOT tell her … I have never had a garden, all my knowledge is theory.

      • Haha okay then! I do have a garden, but no rhubarb. I do have red currants, gooseberries, damsons and blackberries – all excellent for making into pies, jam and wine!

      • My grandma used to make strawberry-gooseberry jam and strawberry-rhubarb-jam. Even though rhubarb is a vegetable 😉 (Pubquiz-Knowledge – not that I knew or will remember if asked, but I read it today)

      • I’m going to try and remember that, then I have at least learnt something today! 😀

      • We have a saying here:
        You can grow old as a cow
        and you will never cease learning
        It rhymes in German
        Man kann alt werden wie ne Kuh
        und lernt immer noch dazu.
        Though – well, I am nearly as old as the oldest cow ever (48) – who was from Ireland. So my days of learning seem to be numbered.

      • It’s a brilliant saying! 48 seems dreadfully old for a cow, but you, dear lady, are in the prime of life.

      • Nope – you know the other saying, don’t you:
        A woman with style shoots herself on her thirtieth birthday.
        I am a 30 year old with nearly 18 years of experience in that.

      • Haha! You Germans are so very wise. I should have shot myself several years ago but luckily, I have no style.

      • Neither do I …

  2. I love it!!!! I will look if one of my neighbors has some rhubarb…. I love the taste of rhubarb&strawberries, it’s the perfect match somehow :o)

  3. This looks so delicious!! Sorry for my delay in getting back to you – I’ve been out of town. This dessert would definitely go great with moms burgers. Thanks my friend for participating in Shopping Around the World my friend. XOXO – Bacon

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