Bacon’s shopping around the world – Snacks

Here is an easy recipe for a snack we loved at home, sometimes for easy and quick lunch, sometimes in the evening in front of the TV.

We call it Toast Hawaii – a recipe that became popular in the 1950ies, when Germans associated fruit like pineapple or oranges with exotic destinations, a time when Germans travelled by car or train to holiday destinations in the mediterranean and Hawaii was out of bounds for most Germans.

So now you know the history, here is the recipe with prices:

Toast Hawaii (as made in my Grandma’s home)

Toast (we prefer toast with a little bit of full grain to completely white bread toast), a package of 500 g (approx. 1,1 pound in American measures) will cost 0,55 Euro (about 0,62 in American money but you only need about half a package: 0,28 Euro – 0,31 Dollar).

Butter, 250 g (more than half a pound, but you only need about 40 g – about a tenth of an American pound) 0,75 Euro- 0,84 Dollar- but you need about a sixth of that – that is 12 Eurocent – or 0,14 Dollar.

Ham (sorry, Bacon) cooked  – 150 g 1,49 Euro – 1,67 Dollar

Tinned rings of pineapple – one can/tin should suffice – 0,77 Dollar (0,69 Euro)

Melting cheese in slices – we always took the variety Chester, you can also take Cheddar or any other you fancy:

250 g 0,79 Euro – 0,89 Dollar, you won’t need a full package, just one slice per toast. Approx two thirds of that – approx 0,60 Dollar or 0,52 Eurocent

So much for ingredients and prices, here now what you have got to do with that:

Toast 8 slices of toast. Butter slightly. Lay ham and a ring of pineapple on that and top with cheese. Put into preheated oven, 180 ° Celsius, 356 ° F – for 6 minutes or as long as it takes to melt and only slightly brown the cheese (only very slightly!).


Toast: € 0,28 (0,31 $), Butter: € 0,12 (0,14 $), Cooked ham € 1,49 (1,67 $), Pineapple rings – one tin € 0,69 (0,77 $), Cheese € 0,79 (0,89 $)

€ 3,37 or 3,78 $

Serves 4.


20 Antworten zu “Bacon’s shopping around the world – Snacks

  1. This sounds delicious! There is a similar snack over here in the UK which we call cheese munchies but it doesn’t have the pineapple. I absolutely must try it with pineapple!

  2. The German prices are about half what we pay in Greece. .. on half your wages too! The bacon is unbelievably cheap! Is it as good as English back bacon?

    • No. It is a lousy quality from a German discounter. Good quality and organic can easily double the price. But for a snack you accept the lesser quality … I took all prices as discounter prices (not Aldi, but Penny, my German discounter of choice) but the pineapple (could not find pineapple rings in Penny’s offers on the website).
      Mind you, it does not work as well with FRESH pineapple – the slightly sugared and cooked variety of a tin is perfect.
      This is not HIGH QUALITY food – it is just a reminiscence of childhood for me.
      But you can change the recipe – take normal Greece whitebread (which is way cheaper than any bread you get here), take not a slice of ham but some smoked fish, some tomatoe instead of the pineapple and top with sheep cheese – voilaToast Athenas 😉

  3. toast hawaii was the bestest food we made as I was a teenager… the smell was great! I once forgot it in the oven and even as black as coal it was still tasty :o)

  4. OH my – this does sound delicious – well so says my mom. She definitely wants to try it. Thanks my sweet friend. XOXO – Bacon

    • Not complicated, quickly done, Easy’s female human knows this snack, too, and recommends it!

      • Well, I have added the ingredients to mom’s grocery list and we are going to try it. We can’t wait! XOXO – Bacon

      • You don’t have to use ham, you can also use any other slice of meat, Turkey or Beef – my grandmother even used salami – but I cannot recommend cured things under this – too carcinogenic, curing salt should not be heated at such temperatures!

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