Update 3 Fußballnichtspiel

Auch wenn es Euch zu den Ohren rauskommt, hier die letzten Neuigkeiten, aus dem Radio:

Die Warnung betraf wohl einen „Schläfer“ aus dem Nordirak, der in Ostwestfalen wohnt. Der Mann wird gesucht.

In der ganzen Nacht wurde gesucht aber bisher nichts gefunden – außer einer Bombenattrappe in einem Zug. Die Polizeikräfte sind weiterhin vor Ort im Einsatz. Aber der Berufsverkehr ist nicht gefährdet.


Even if you are fed up, here the latest news from the radio:

The warning concerned a „sleeper“ from the North Iraq, who lives in East-Westphalia. Police looks out for him.

They searched the whole night through, but found nothing but a bomb-dummy in a train. Police forces are still out. But (trust Germans on this): Commuting to work is not endangered.


4 Antworten zu “Update 3 Fußballnichtspiel

  1. Good to hear from you…you and the people of hannover were in my thoughts last night. I’m glad this evening ended without blood and violence.

    • Thank you for your caring thoughts, I think Hannoveraner reply very coolly to such a threat. There were even voices saying they were angry (about the terrorist for spoiling that evening) – not frightful! And we are AWARE of risks – there was a bomb fake on an IC-train, and one fellow passenger called the person out about leaving something behind – that was when the person ran away. It was just a fake, but given the evening, it was treated seriously, not panicky. I am very proud of my fellow Hannoveraner. (Yes, like Weimaraner ;-))

      • They are great people and it was good to see that no one caused trouble for the cancelled game and that all people followed the advice of the police …

      • This morning, on my way to work, I saw the bags from the dust bins in the subway removed – from ALL dust bins … It seems the police forces have looked for explosives in „les poubelles“

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