Even MORE New ’79 Words Story Challenge’ Entrants…

79 Worte für eine Geschichte, in der es eine Charakterisierung UND einen Plot gibt … eine harte Herausforderung … und das auch noch auf Englisch.

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79 WSC

I’m astonished to have so many of you STILL having fun rising to the 79 Word Challenge set byAuthor Andrew Joyce.


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Prayer Answered by Fran Hunne

Fran Hunne Logo

Back from sleep’s quietude she heard the baby wail, the second trampled through the room and the eldest made his weird noises, he would never speak, the doctors had told her.

Quiet please, God … not the boys causing mayhem while she fed the baby.

The prayer was granted:

Quietude again.

Not good!

She bolted out of bed.

A pillow covered the pram.

The eldest smiled at her.


SUMMER NIGHT by Patricia Salamone

Patricia Salamone

The blistering summer sun gives way to the night.

I smell honey suckle and gardenia wafting in the night air.

The heavens open up and the stars…

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5 Antworten zu “Even MORE New ’79 Words Story Challenge’ Entrants…

  1. 79 words and a thrilling story, BRAVO…

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