Sorting Wrapped Gifts on a Snowy Evening

YES – my English classes pay off, finally – I recognised the original.

Drinking Tips for Teens

Whose gift this is I do not know
I wrapped it seven days ago.
There’s no distinctive marking here
Except this festive store-bought bow.

The box’s shape is kind of queer
Two lumpy mounds like a brassiere
But feels like wood or frozen cake;
Don’t ever wrap while drinking beer.

I give the gift-wrapped box a shake
And know I’ve made a huge mistake.
Who gets this gift will have to sweep;
I’m pretty sure I heard it break.

The checkout lines are long and deep
But I must shop before I sleep,
Though malls at Christmas make me weep,
Though malls at Christmas make me weep.

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2 Antworten zu “Sorting Wrapped Gifts on a Snowy Evening

  1. Funny! (As sung to „What Child Is This“/“Greensleeves“)??

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