Monday Meowsie News…Leo Is Looking

So, even if I do not know somebody right in that area – maybe you, who you come by this blog do – or you know somebody else who might – or you just give it a try, if somebody comes by your page and happens to know someone … the 6 steps away theory works. Let’s prove it

[Step one]
You may even post this in your Facebook-account.

Savannah's Paw Tracks


ummm…shuffling paws…well, this is really hard to say…but Leo needs to find his own furrever castle.  I am just to afraid to let him in the same room.  And Leo, well, he is such a great mancat about all this…but he deserves a better quality of life than having to stay in his hotel suite most of the time.

The only time he can have the run of the house is when I take naps in my master bedroom tent…and truth to tell…I figured out that when I do that…I get shut in the room…and now I won’t go there anymore to take my daily naps.  I am now staying downstairs…so Leo can’t be let out of his room.


This is not the quality of life Leo deserves and I want to get my routine back so I don’t have to keep going UTB if I…

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