Say my name

Silke, sounds like a boring name, just like Heike or any of those mass-naming kind like Sabine, Michael, Peter, Susanne. Not really a name, when a name is meant to distinguish. I was not really proud of it. Have never been. And then – then Internet came into my life and I read an article about it.

How it is linked to the roman word of blind – (lat.: „caecus“ [„blind“]) – how suitable, I thought, haven had issues with my eyes since I was a child.

There is a second link, too – to lat.: „caelum“ [„sky“]. And that to me – a down to earth woman. I was not ovewhelmed.

Even as a child I would have preferred Sylvia – from the word for wood/forest. Woods are majestic, mystic, dangerous and wild. Sky now – well, I was always suffering from vertigo. Not exactly my favourite direction – UP.

And Blind and Sky can even contain negative messages. Somebody is blind for his surroundings – does not see other people’s needs. Somebody has his head up in the sky – strange, how this is the same message, isn’t it. And that to me, I LOVE people. Not too close, obviously. But I take care of other people. How could they name me Ignorance?

Did they want me to be that way? Why have they taught me compassion then? Why did they open my eyes and make me see? Why did they put glasses on my nose – just to call me nosey when I saw what I should not see?

I am still not quite at peace with Silke – I much prefer my second name – Frances – or Franziska, as it is in German. THAT suits me far better.

If I promise to read it, can I convince you to comment? Wenn ich verspreche, dass ich es lese, kann ich dich überzeugen, zu kommentieren?

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