If I could switch with a blogger for a week I would love to switch with Don, Par-don, Mr. Hills from „The trouble with young people today is …“

He stopped blogging somewhere 2012, so I would love to revive his blog while he would do no harm to mine 😉

And getting to rant over ungrateful, dumb, impolite, drugged, criminal and whatever we, the older ones, like to call the young ones is a plus.

My Problem with young people today would be – they are so damned unadventurous. They crave security, where there is no 100 % security and where the only constant in this world is change, as old people like us know.

Young people crave stable relationships – just to find out, that half of all relationships ARE screwed. Young people crave decent paying jobs, when today more and more elderly have to earn something to add to their pension that is not worth the word. Worst of all – young people crave respect! What??! What the hell for? They have to overcome a few challenges first to deserve it.

Well, all we can do, is leave them some challenges. Tomorrow’s energy problems, today’s waste, tomorrow’s fight for food and clean water, today’s financial chaos – here they can prove their worth. THEN they might have me respect them. Not by just trodding the same old paths down our ancestors did and that got us here first place.

Untill then they will please stop  demanding something else from society as such and old people like me in particular – all I am willing to shed is my general misanthropy and will they please leave me effing alone.

Oh, and could you kids please make sure you earn enough to pay my pension, when my time comes? 😛

HEY, KIDS – that was JUST tongue in cheek. It was SARCASM. Look it up if you do not know what that means. And no, tongue in cheek does not mean what YOU think it does!

THAT is what I would write, if I were to switch blogs for a week.

But sadly I am just a german blogger blogging in German about things I see in my german hometown,or things I read on the internet or in a german paper – and try desperately not to swear too much, or to offend too many people – I think I am just not adventurous enough, to be „the trouble with the young people today“.


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